Hi! I am an UX/UI Designer.

With a strong background in Art and Visual Design, I was trained to create comprehensible and aesthetic visual information, from the observation and understanding of our environment.
When I approach a new challenge, I always keep in mind that "Beauty is usefull". Beauty and usability working together is what makes a product truly remarkable.

This way of thinking led me to create appealing digital products that provide the most comfortable experience to users. From typography and color to navigation and interaction, I consider every detail, every pixel is important and can deliver value.

I have worked for ibood.com, Philips, Boehringer Ingelheim, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam... and many others. You can download my resume here.

And by the way, my name is Laura Escolar, I live and work in Amsterdam, I play guitar, and as a good millennial, I love avocado. If you have any proposal, challenge, feedback, or just feel like saying Hi

(+31) 0684943910