is a company that helps other companies to find the right freelancer quickly, and comfortably. When I joined, I was asked to take care of the visual harmony and consistency of the platform, as well as the usability. Here, a few examples!

One of the first spotted issues was that, very often, freelancers didn't complete their profiles. A very long and tedious registration process was one of the reasons.

This is the new registration flow that I designed to tackle the problem. I reorganized the questions, so we went from a 7 steps flow, to a 4 steps one. Besides, we were able to improve the interface, make it more comfortable, especially on small devices, and more visually attractive.

Not enough? What about a little gamification? We added completion ratios to the freelancer profiles. If they skipped any step, they could know how far they were from having a 100% completed profile.

Freelancers also needed a better and faster way to communicate with their possible employers. A totally new messaging system was designed for them, including the possibility of communicating with companies, but also with other freelancers.

For potential employers, the new messaging system was slightly different, since it allowed them to classify messages per assignment and also have an overview of all their activity.

Previously, every assignment and its responses had a specific place in and therefore to check messages, was slow and uncomfortable.

This overview of assignments and answers was the main novelty with regard to the previous messaging system.

Also for employers, I design this dashboard, where they could have a quick look at their most recent activities on the platform.

...and not done yet! At the moment, I am working on a couple of new features, and several improvements for the platform, so, more of my designs for, coming soon!